Anupama Today Episode Live Video(2023)

Anupama Today Episode Live Video(2023): Anupama is famous Indian television series that is followed by most people in India. The notable Hindi television series was telecasted on the Star Plus television network in July 2020. Anupama Hindi Television is produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi. Anupama Today Episode Written Update will help you know the upcoming twists of today’s episode.

Today in this article we are going to explain the action of the 3rd January 2023 episodes, so that you can get a clear picture of today’s episode of Anupama and know what happens between Ba and Anupama. Get more exciting details by reading the below content about Anupama Star Plus Television Series snd Anupama Today Episode 3rd January 2023 Written Update.

Anupama 3rd January 2023 Promo

Anupama Today Episode Live Video(2023)
Anupama Today Episode Live Video(2023)

Before watching the written update of Anupama’s 3rd January 2023 New Episode, let’s watch the promo of today’s episode. The action sequences in the promo video will help you get a clear picture of today’s episode. Watch Anupama 3rd January 2023 promo here and end your guesses and worries about the Anupama episode.

Anupama 3rd January 2023 New Episode Written Update

Anupama 3rd January 2023 written update is given below, to get the correct Anupama 3rd January 2023 new episode written update, take a deep look at the content below.

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Anuj will burn

In today’s episode, you will see that Anuj, Anupama, and Vanraj have a heated argument because Baa adds extra spice to everything. She says that Anuj and Anupama insulted her, so Babuji got angry and left. Anupama says Baa is lying. Vanraj gets angry that Anupama and Anuj are lying to Baa. Vanraj says it is your fault Baa, who brought everyone here, what was the need to spread hands in front of others? Strangers will definitely show their favor. Anuj gets furious after listening to Vanraj and shouts and tells everyone to get out. Baa says, see, this is what he is wanting. Vanraj angrily shouts at Samar, Kinjal, and Paritosh that what was the need for the entire clan to come here.

Will you go beyond limits?

Baa does not calm down here, she also blames Samar and Dimple and says that she knows the symptoms of such girls too. But Anupama and Samar lash out at Baa. On the other hand, Anuj bursts in and says that I do not care about the family which does not care for me. He says I have always stood by the problems of this family, but you people only find fault, but I am Anupama’s husband, not Anupama. Anuj clearly tells Baa that he has always disrespected little Anu. The upcoming episode will see Kavya and Kinjal take on Vanraj.

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